2017 July 4th Parade & Picnic

This year the 4th of July was a beautiful day! The parade started at 10 am and the JPC were part of the lead off with the American Legion and VFW whom we are very close to. The riders arrived at George and Bev’s house at  10:36 for a great BBQ.
Everyone seemed to have a good time. No one left hungry. Had only one brave soul that took a dip (Giggles).
Hope to see more members next year!

Meat Eaters Rejoice


An MD Who Recommends Meat????

Well, I might be stretching the truth here a bit!

What actually happened was that Frank had a yearly MD appointment last week.  Dr. Baley, who rides a Harley, told Frank about a meat market he discovered when riding west on Rt. 38.  Creston, Illinois, a small town 11 miles west of DeKalb boasts a population of 700.  A sign on Rt. 38 points the way south to the “Business District.”  We tried hard, but from what we could see, “Headons Meat Market” WAS the business district.

Headon’s Meat Market was started by Lyle and Cindy as a small Mom and Pop grocery store, which included a 12 ft. meat counter.  Now, with son Lance as a partner, they boast a 30 ft fresh meats counter and 24 ft of deli and cheeses.

Headon’s also has a very successful catering business.  Their famous bratwurst is made fresh every week along with a variety of sausages and smoked products.  Frank and I were amused to find taco bratwurst, pizza bratwurst, bacon favored, habanero mango, prime rib brats, as well as many flavors of beef sticks.

Frank had his eye on a beautiful homemade apple pie, but decided it wouldn’t travel well on the bike….so I have a strong feeling we’ll be visiting again on four wheels with a cooler in the trunk.

We took a few photos of the tin ceiling, the sausage varieties and soda’s, most of which we’ve never encountered.

If you’re ever in Creston, Illinois, USA, stop by and be amazed by Headon’s Meat Market!



MD Who Recommends Meat