9/20/2017 – Wednesday Lunch Ride

At precisely 9:30 am, 9 bikes and 9 riders (Steve, Hugh, Candi, Frank, Greg, Tom, Ken V., Dave and Ken M.) departed from the Hoffman Estates McD’s on a leisurely, laid-back 2 hour, 95 mile ride through the scenic canyon and hill country(?) of beautiful western Illinois. We were headed to Mt. Morris, ILL for a leisurely lunch at White Pines State Park, Resort and Restaurant. Our reservations were for 12:15 pm and even with a comfort-stop along the way our group came pulling in just before noon. We made good time on our 95 mile ride as, after we cleared the urban areas, we were on mostly untraveled country roads. The weather cooperated with us this day giving us bright, if somewhat warm (96°) riding weather.
In spite of our early arrival we were seated immediately by the lodges friendly Wait-Staff. After a hearty lunch and lots of conversation we headed out to the parking lot to head for home.
Ken V. (thanks Ken) volunteered to lead the ride home taking us down US-2 along the river towards Rockford and then headed east on the back roads towards our respective homes.

The Moving Viet Nam wall is Coming to Des Plaines

The Moving Vietnam Wall will be coming to Des Plaines from the McHenry County VFW Hall off of Rt. 120 on September 27, 2017, beginning at 9:00AM for a briefing, then KSU at 10:00AM.

The escort will be led by the State Police and other police agencies. The JPC’s have been asked to join other M/C groups to escort the wall to Des Plaines. The semi-truck will travel through about 13 towns at 25 mph. It will take about an hour and a half to get to Lake Park in Des Plaines. We should be arriving there by 11:30AM.

Location of the McHenry County VFW Hall is: 3002 IL-120, McHenry, IL. We will be leaving the Buffalo Grove IHOP (Lake Cook Rd and 83) at 7:30 AM sharp for the McHenry County VFW. If it is easier for those that live further west, you might want to ride to the McHenry VFW to meet us. Help will also be needed at Lake Park in Des Plaines to assemble the wall.

If you plan to go or to help, please RSVP to Greg Buss at 847-751-0387 as soon as possible.

8/30/2017 – Wednesday Lunch Ride

8/30/2017 – Wednesday Lunch Ride
At precisely 10 am, 9 bikes and 9 riders (Hugh, Steve, Bob, The other Bob, Joe {no, not that Joe}, George, The other Steve, Tom and Dave) departed from the Hoffman Estates McD’s on a leisurely, laid-back 2 ½ hour, 75 mile scenic ride. We were headed to Waterford, WI for ‘Spam Burgers’ at a VFW hall d/b/a The DMZ Bunker Restaurant. I should also mention that the days weather was almost perfect, bright and sunny with mid 70s temps.

Upon our arrival we were met by former Cruiser Cosmo giving us a count of 10 for lunch. Being a relatively popular local place for lunch there was no room for us in the bar so they opened the back room where there was plenty of seating room for our group.

I am sorry to report that only 4 of us were courageous enough to order the Spam Burgers while 6 others “wimped-out” and ordered mundane, average lunches.

After an almost 2 hour lunch we broke into a couple of smaller groups and headed our separate ways to home.