10/28/2017-Halloween Pot-Luck Dinner (revised)

Here are a few photos from the Halloween Pot-Luck Dinner held at the Elmhurst Masonic Lodge, October 28, 2017. As you can see a good number of attendee’s were in costume and all brought a ‘dish’ to pass. The food was good, and plentiful. Conversation at all the tables flowed like water and loud laughter could be heard throughout the evening.

The Jerseypine Cruisers Halloween Pot Luck Dinner was held at the Masonic Lodge in Elmhurst, Saturday, October 28, 2017. The spacious banquet hall was ideal for our party of 23 guests. They arrived in costumes and festive attire with a variety of delicious dishes from appetizers to desserts. We collected donations, had a 50/50 drawing, surprise raffles, and People’s Choice Awards  for costumes that went to these categories:

Best Couple: Dennis Hyde as “Mr Hyde” and Linda Glamor as “Witch Pepin”.

Best Male: Dennis Hyde.

Best Female: Linda Pepin

Sexiest: Mike “the Pirate” Lisciandrello.

Funniest: Candi “Hillary” Wenzon.

Best All-Around: Jean ”Little Red Riding Hood with her goodies” Mumford.

Special thanks goes Mike and Carol Lisciandrello for finding our ideal facility and for all their help, and to Bill “the Wolf” Mumford for his help and support. Thank you to all that attended and who helped. It was a fun evening and everyone had a great time.

 Happy Halloween!

Jean Mumford – Chairman

Marge, Jean and Linda.

Marge and Linda.

George and Bev.

Ken and Lynn……………………..Greg and Rose.

Ken, Candi and Sandy.

Candi and Frank.


8/18/2017 Wednesday Lunch Ride.

Beyond the Cheddar Curtain

Wednesday, Oct. 18th. Weather: Clear skies, bright sunshine, 65~70 temps. Absolute perfect riding conditions for the scheduled Lunch Ride Wednesday(LRW).

After 3 weeks of trying to get beyond the Cheddar Curtain, 7 hungry riders gathered at our H.E. McD’s ready for a ride. In alphabetical order: Hugh B., Greg B., George G., Bill H., Tom K., Ken Mac. & Bob W. We will pick up 2 more riders at the rest stop south of Fontana for a total of 9.

The planned route was for a 90 mile meander (i.e. turns) through rural back roads ending up in Rochester, WI at Chances restaurant, recommended by our friend, Cosmo. The ride objectives, as voiced by a few of our weekly riders, were to feature a round-about, have plenty of trees and not so much corn, lots of turns, camaraderie and plenty of fresh air. Well, the last was easy as we were riding motorcycles and fresh air is plentiful. As for the others, check.

Our rest stop was some 55 miles of enjoyable, relaxed riding with a round-about and lots of trees. Near the end, a special treat for George G. was Wisconsin’s idea of a mogul run for motorcycles. A half-mile run of hills of different heights and lengths ending with a very high climb up and a really steep descent. I had to tell George we didn’t have time to do a repeat but his smile was ear-to-ear.

At the rest stop we met Cosmo and Kathy who then rode with us through beautiful country roads and lanes of lower Wisconsin. The fall color change was a little ahead of Illinois and we were treated to bright reds, oranges and, of course, Cheddar yellows. We did miss waving at Cosmo’s house due to my enjoyment of the scenery. And the route to the food.
And for turns, to satisfy Ken, 42 over 90 miles. A turn every 2.25 miles on average. Ken was smiling too, I think.

As I hadn’t looked at the route for 3 weeks I missed 2 turns. But due to my superior navigation skills, sans GPS assistance, I got us back on track without anyone noticing. Naturally, I said nothing at took all the credit for a great route/ride.

Chances’ is a very relaxed and casual restaurant. Built in 1843 you get the feeling of old Wisconsin. Accommodating? When we called with our head count they asked if we could delay our arrival by an hour as they had a party of 30 just arriving. We arrived a half-hour early yet they moved things around and seated us. After a filling lunch (they had German beer on tap, a big plus!) and plenty of camaraderie we staggered (not really) out to the bikes for a quick ride home. By day’s end everyone was smiling and rest assured we’ll be back to visit Chances’ and Cosmo, again.

As for my dictated objectives, check, check, check & check. Got ‘em all.


2017- JPC Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial Ride

2017- JPC Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial Ride

We had a wonderful day at the Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial. We had a great turn out with beautiful weather. We shared some wonderful memories and great stories of our recently departed members. May they ride all together and look down and bless us all. They are all missed.

Mike Lisciandrello

2017-Overnight to Parke County, Indiana

2017-Overnight to Parke County, Indiana

Wind, showers, dense fog, warm temperatures and sunshine…we had it all on the Fall Overnight. Six of us left on Saturday from Randall’s Pancake House in South Elgin. Rick left Flo with us and headed to Des Plaines to get a new tire to replace the one with a nail in it and planned to meet us in Danville for lunch. We meandered through the back roads towards Danville, fighting the 28 mph headwinds all the way. Although windy, the temperatures were in the 80’s. We were just about finished with lunch at Jocko’s when Rick walked in. Des Plaines did not have the tire he wanted, but they had taken a bike in trade that week with a wheel and tire that was the same, so they took off the wheel and put it on Rick’s bike and he was on his way to meet us. We arrived in Terre Haute just before the rain showers started. Luckily, there was a restaurant within walking distance so we walked across the parking lot in the drizzle, which had stopped by the time we walked back.

Sunday morning we woke to dense fog. One could not see across the parking lot! We delayed our departure for the covered bridges and started out an hour later. It was still foggy, but the visibility was better. By the time we got to the Rockville Visitor’s Center, the fog had lifted and the sun was shining. We did portions of the four different routes. We managed to see or drive through 11 of the 31 covered bridges. Many of the bridges are on gravel roads and therefore not easily accessible by motorcycle. The roads in Parke County are very scenic and curvy but not particularly well maintained. However, this time we did not see any orange painted circles around the potholes like we previously encountered. We were surprised and delighted to find one road that was freshly repaved. Now, they just need to start repaving the other ninety-nine percent of the roads!

If you ever find yourself in Rockville at mealtime, be sure to stop at Benjamin’s. When we stopped for lunch on Sunday, the parking lot was very full. Even without advanced reservations our group was seated without delay. Bill complimented the well-run kitchen as all our food was delivered in a timely mnner and at the same time. The portions were huge! Rick and I had salads that neither of us could even eat half of it.

We arrived back at the motel around 4 p.m. and relaxed until dinner, which turned out to be a good thing. Most of the group decided to walk to the Texas Roadhouse, which was just down the block on the corner. Well, that’s where it was six years ago. That location was closed and they moved to a new building a couple of blocks further down. There’s nothing like working up an appetite! Good thing we had taken the rig, as Steve called “shotgun” for the ride back to the motel.

Luckily on Monday morning, we did not have fog. We took off early to make a breakfast stop in Arthur, IL at Yoder’s Kitchen. Shortly after we crossed into Illinois, the fog set in. It was not as dense as the previous morning and visibility was better as well, but it makes for a long 100 miles. The food at Yoder’s was delicious. One could enjoy the breakfast buffet or order off the menu. Ken ordered a cinnamon roll that was the size of a salad plate and it had icing on top and it was pooled all around it. After a hearty breakfast, we headed in a northerly direction where people starting splitting off when we came to Dwight. Some of us stopped for lunch, but Hugh said he had eaten more in the three days than he had in a month! Good food, good roads, good friends and all kinds of weather conditions…that is what motorcycle touring is all about!

Sandy McCall

8/22/2017 Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Greg Buss at 7:31 p.m.

Board Members Present:
Joe Hill’
Greg Buss
Sandy McCall
Bill Mumford
Bob Wagner
Lynn Vicker


Introduction of Hosts:
Shirlee and Hermin Vazquez

Introduction of Guests & Prospective Members:
Bill and Annie Berger, Ron Carlo

Additions/Deletions to Agenda:
Moving wall under unfinished business g.

Frank and Candi are on vacation in SD and Frank became very ill this morning. He has sepsis in the blood. He is currently in ICU, but his vitals are improving.

President’s report:
Last few weeks we had good attendance at the Sunday breakfast rides. We’re having 20-25 people,

VP Chapter Management Report: Bob Wagner
Meeting & Programs: Willhavea program in September.
Editor: we’re receiving blog items. Keepthemcoming!

VP Community Relations Report: Lynn Vicker
Tour Directors:The Sunday rides are big. If someone wishes to lead a different ride, feel free to break into smaller groups, which makes it easier for restaurants. Autism ride is Sept. 16th. Look at the Autism website for more details

VP Individual Involvement Report:CandiWenzon
Cookie awards were given to ride leaders during the month of August.
Membership (G Barrington)
a. AMA
b. Membership – we have a new perspective member: Ron Carlo
c. Speak Up none
d. Birthdays – birthdays for August were announced

Unfinished Business:
a. Event financial reports: none
b. Constitution review committee – The committee established rules including 100% agreement to the changes, they used the old constitution as a guide, they agreed the club is top heavy, membership will have a greater voice, and bylaws and constitution were combined. George presented a petition signed by members. Members have received a copy of proposed new constitution via email to review the new constitution. A special meeting will be held on September 12, 2017 at the Elks Clubto go over the constitution The vote will be whether the constitution will be accepted.
Motion to accept petition: Bob
Second: Joe
Discussion: none
Motion: Passed unanimously
c. Wildcat Mountain – Great time. Sixteen people were present. Lots of good roads.
d. Dirt Racing – Greg will wait inside the entrance by the stands. The group will be near the top in the middle of the track.
e. WI Motorcycle Memorial – The ceremony will be September 16th at 2p.m. for the laying of the bricks. A group ride will leave from IHop at Lake Cook Road and Route 83 at 7 a.m. There will be a ride up to Door and back. Take a look at the website: WImotorcycle.org There is availability at the Days Inn in Green Bay on Saturday.
f. Sept. 24th leaving at 6:30 from McDonalds for the Memorial Ride.More details to follow.
g. Moving of the Vietnam wall – Sept. 27 Leaving at 7:30 from the IHop in Buffalo Grove. Will escort the semi to Des Plaines.If you plan to attend or can help, contact Greg.


50/50 & Door Prizes
On a bike: Steve Penczak
50/50:Joe Hill won $31
Several door prizes were given to various ticket holders.

New Business:
a. Event budget requests: none
b.Fall Overnight – It will be a three day event going to Parke County, IN. Both nights will be spent inTerre Haute. On Sunday, we’ll take a scenic ride throughout Parke County on rustic secondary roads and view several covered bridges. We will leave fromRandall’s Pancake House in South Elgin at 8:30 a.m. Anticipated mileage is 250 miles each day. We are staying at the Super 8 Motel in Terre Haute. A block of rooms is being held until September 5th..
c. Lunch ride –October 14th. Leaving from HE-destination is Chestnut Mountain, A flyer will be forthcoming with the details.
d. Halloween potluck – October 28th. Waiting for information regarding a location. Details will be forthcoming.
e. Planning for 2018 –events were suggested for 2018. People may still put events on the calendar next month

Good of the Order & Adjournment
Ken V looking for hosts Bob C & Marge volunteered
Bob C has his bike fixed and it is riding “good”
Jean thanked Lynn for telling us about Frank
Shirlee thanked Mike L for the pre-ride to Door
Joe F – people showing up in cars should not be razzed. It’s about getting together and not what you ride,

The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy McCall

9/26/2017 Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Greg Buss at 7:30 PM

Board Members Present:
Joe Hill’
Greg Buss
Sandy McCall
Bob Wagner
Lynn Vicker
Candi Wenzon

Absent: Bill Mumford

Introduction of Hosts:
Bob Crosson and Marge Anderson

Introduction of Guests & Prospective Members:
Bill and Annie Berger, Ron Carlow, Dave Ewing

Additions/Deletions to Agenda:


President’s report:
We have the Elks Lodge for next year.

VP Chapter Management Report: Bob Wagner
No report

VP Community Relations Report: Lynn Vicker
Tour Directors:Lots of good rides; Wednesday lunch rides are quite popular.
The Sunday ride on October 8th will leave from HE instead of Des Plaines,

VP Individual Involvement Report:CandiWenzon
Cookie awards were given to ride leaders during the month of September.
Membership (G Barrington)
a. AMA – At the meeting in Ohio there were two important things. AMA is restructuring and will affect the road clubs. At this point it is not known how it will affect the road clubs.
A question was asked at seminar: How do you define/classify motorcycle? Slingshot is classified as auto cycle. What effect will the sub set of motorcycles have? Insurance rates? Licensing?
b. Membership- No report
c. Speak Up- nothing
d. Birthdays – birthdays for September were announced

Unfinished Business:
a. Event financial reports: no report
b. The minutes from the special meeting minutes on September 12, 2017 were read.
Motion to accept minutes: Joe
Second: Bob
Discussion: None
Passed unanimously
c. Constitution vote
Motion to accept constitution as is: Bob
-Opposition to proposal: in the proposal, there is nothing mentioned about who creates the budget; no mention of insurance in proposal as is stated in current constitution, has a problem with process of becoming a regular member, eliminated a few directors, such as Color Guard- where will members buy club stuff?, has a problem with accepting a flawed document, not sure about members making motions and voting, and putting the patch on any vest; we should speak with one voice and it has served us for38 years
-insurance issue is important
-committee does not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and wants to get the proposed constitution approved and then will address the insurance issue and the budget through the new process; thereis a provision for getting rid of people
-how did committee deem it necessary to change the vest?
-putting patch on any item is ludacris

Vote: in favor =15 Opposed = 4 New Constitution accepted.

d. Dirt Races – good turnout, 12 people; had a good time
e. Motorcycle Memorial in Door County – 7 stones scheduled, including our 2 stones for Mike and Andy. 16 people attended. There was a food frenzy there.
f. Memorial Run- pictures sent to web; good turnout.
g. Moving of the Vietnam Wall – leaving IHOP at Lake Cook & 83 at 7 a.m. or meet at 3002 Route 120 in McHenry
h. Fall Overnight – It will be a three-day event going to Parke County, IN. Both nights will be spent in Terre Haute. On Sunday, we’ll take a scenic ride throughout Parke County on rustic secondary roads and view several covered bridges. We will leave from Randall’s Pancake House in South Elgin at 8:30 a.m. Anticipated mileage is 250 miles each day. We are staying at the Super 8 Motel in Terre Haute. The block of rooms has been released.

Oct 8, 2017-Breakfast Run

This coming Sunday (October 8th) I will lead a breakfast run:

Leave Point – Hoffman Estates Mc Donald’s, Rt. 72, 1 block east of Barrington Road.

Time – KSU (Kick Stands Up) 8:30 AM.

Destination – EAA fly in, drive in, ride in breakfast at Poplar Grove Airport, 5175 Orth Road, Poplar Grove, IL.

Cost – $7.00 for adults.

Hours – 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

All you can eat breakfast including pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage, coffee, milk and juice.
Free airplane rides for ages 8-17 (weather permitting).

Museum on premises.

Proceeds go to fund the EAA Chapter 1414 educational youth and community building activities.

There will be planes landing and taking off in addition to some on display. Lets add a few motorcycles to the mix!

See you then.

Ken Vicker