8/2016-Fried Bologna Overnight Ride to Waldo Ohio

August 8th.

At 8 AM on this date three brave individuals (Steve, George & Hugh) mounted their motorcycles and rode to the Addison Dunkin Donuts on US Route 20 for an overnight ride to beautiful Waldo, Ohio, home of the G & R Tavern and their world famous Fried Balogna sandwiches.

“This is where the magic happens”.

We headed west out of Dunkin Donuts, jumped on Southbound I-355 to pick up Eastbound I-80 which took up to Northbound I- 57 witch we followed to Kankakee where we picked up Southbound IL-1,  that was the beginning of my chosen route.

We stayed on Southbound IL-1 until we picked up IN-28 east, which we rode across the entire state of Indiana. IN-28 was not a special road as it was not a rider’s paradise and it was not graced with miles of twistys and mountains of elevation changes.

In case you forgot why I wrote this story or why we rode here.

It was not an unpleasant road, just flat land with corn-field after corn- Field with a break in the monotony by the many small towns along its route. It did have one thing in its favor in that it took us completely across Indiana without having to use the Interstate. Also, leading George III and Hugh Brandt on a ride is at times like trying to heard cats. So with fewer turns there was less chance of losing either of them.

Left: Keith, George, Steve. Right: Ken, Rhys, George, Hugh.

IN-28 took us to OH-47 which we followed into Sidney, OH where we bunked in for the night at the Comfort Inn. After a couple of adult beverages at the hotel bar Georg, Hugh and I walked across the parking lot to the restaurant for dinner.

After a hearty meal and, I might add, a few more adult beverages, we walked back to the hotel where we headed for the lobby to partake in some more sparking and stimulating conversation.  When we were all talked out (not George, just Hugh and I) we headed off to our rooms for some needed sleep.

August 9th

“The Magic” !

After a satisfactory breakfast we saddled-up rode the final 74 miles on OH-47 into Waldo and our destination the G & R Tavern. OH-47 from Sidney to Waldo turned out to be a rider’s delight. It was beautiful twisty road with lots of elevation changes thrown in for good measure to keep you on your toes.



At 11:30 am local time (EST), four riders from the Detroit area BMW club I belong to rolled into town and joined us for lunch. I myself decided to skip their equally world famous pie and have two balogna sandwich’s while George and Hugh each had one sandwich and split a (rather generous) piece of pie.

The seven of us shared a lot of conversation at the lunch table before we split up and headed for home. Hugh Brandt left us in Waldo so he could ride a few more days on some of Ohio’ s more famous, or should I say infamous roads. George and I headed down US-23 to the Ohio Turnpike and the quick route home.

Only the brave dare enter here.............................

Only the brave dare enter here………………………..

Except for a couple of back-ups on the Indiana toll road, the ride home was quick and uneventful. I pulled into my driveway at 6:30 PM having ridden 350 miles. Our ride to Waldo on the two-lanes netted us 475 unhurried miles.

I hope to attract more riders the next time I lead people to Waldo to enjoy the gourmet food and the “Exotic Scenery” you’ll see on the ride there. Steve.

The Holiday Party is Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Holiday Party is Saturday, December 9th
We have a room and a DJ scheduled. I need to know how many are going by the 20th of November.
I would prefer payment on or before the JPC meeting of the $30 per person.
Please call 847-658-6446 and leave a message with your RSVP.
Please mail checks to:
     Jean Mumford
    1025 N. Harrison St.
    Algonquin,IL 60102
Thank you,

10-08-2017 LRW-Twin Lakes WI-Touch of Class Rest.

Electric Vests, Roundabouts, Tats & TOC

Hugh arriving at HE McDs.

The LRW lunch ride planned for Wednesday, Nov. 8th did not start out, nor finish, as planned.  A 100 mile route was queued up and as the route was 50% urban and 50% rural I decided on an earlier than usual start.  The ride notice was sent with a 9am departure and naturally, I was immediately questioned by Bob W. as to why 3 hours.  I’ve come to realize Bob is not happy without questioning something.  The early morning temp in Wauconda was 27° with heavy frost so I contacted the riders and a decision was made to leave at 10:30am with a shortened route, maybe 50 miles.  By departure time it was almost 40° with bright sunshine.  Gonna be a good day for a ride.

I arrived somewhat late to McD’s, 10 minutes before “kick stands up”.  The other riders were already there and deep in a discussion of their electric vests.  It turns out that Bill’s new vest operated only at max heat with no known way to dial it down.  Well, once Steve got into this conversation, we had 3 guys appearing to disrobe inside McD’s pulling all sorts of wires out of vest, pants and gloves.  I was waiting for Steve to hook some of his wires to Bill’s to see what would happen.  George and I just sat there in amazement of this debate.  Then the debaters each took their stand as being correct until Bill called the shop which sold him his vest and asked for instructions on hooking it up and plugging it into the bike’s electrical system.  This caused even more controversy until Steve realized his vest was an older model and the hook up and controls on the newer vests were different.  This solved the problem and finally, 30 minutes after “kick stands up”, and with Bill now all hooked up and presumably warm, we hit the road.

Not using the original planned route I decided on taking scenic roads up to Wilmot and then turn left.  Our destination was a small, friendly tavern in Twin Lakes, WI.  That would normally be an easy task but we had Bob, and that meant a roundabout had to be in the route or else I’d hear about.  So, to make sure Bob would be totally satisfied I decided to include not 1, but 2 roundabouts and negotiate both with 270° turns.  So I set my sights on the Roberts Road roundabout followed by Johnsburg.  The 270° in Johnsburg put us heading west out of town, the opposite direction from Twin Lakes but I had to believe Bob was smiling and happy.  I later found out that unfortunately, no, Bob wasn’t completely happy.  I then had to explain why I had my left turn signal on going into the roundabouts which, of course, didn’t satisfy Bob.  He thought I should have put on the right turn signal despite the fact that we were going to exit the roundabouts to the left (WHAT?).  And finally, Bob was whining about not doing full circles at both roundabouts, 630° instead of the 270°.   I just don’t know how Marge puts up with this guy.

Our destination in Twin Lakes was the ‘Touch of Class’, a small, very comfortable and friendly tavern with Spotted Cow on draft.  The TOC was recommended by Bill and not because our group was by any stretch of the imagination a classy bunch.  No, it was more for the atmosphere and the burgers. Our lovely server, Joyce, was a bonus for our table.  I couldn’t figure out why, when I was talking, none of my table mates were looking nor paying attention to what I was saying.  Turns out lovely Joyce was the distraction.  Joyce had a charming tat in a very prominent location which demanded immediate and focused attention of most, if not all of their male customers.  Watching my table mates’ heads swiveling in unison as though controlled by stepping motors as lovely Joyce and the tat moved around was entertaining to say the least.  I don’t think Steve even realized that his lunch was in front of him until the tat moved from view.  It is quite remarkable what a well placed tat can do.  The half-pound burgers were excellent, as advertized, enjoyed by all.  When it came time to head home our exit seemed to take forever.  What was quickly decided on however was that we had to return to the TOC next LRW lunch season.

Thanks for the recommendation Bill.  It sure was a hit.


(I’m the Editor so I get to put my picture and my bike in again!)

Nomination time for club officers.

This is Nomination time for club officers.   Think about whether you want to run for office this year or who you might want to lead this club over the next year. Do your civic duty to the Cruisers’ and volunteer to run for office. Remember you can’t blame anyone for how things are run if you won’t get involved.
Email me at jpc256@sbcglobal.net if you wish to have your name placed on the ballot.

11/01/2017-LRW-Maple Park Pub & Grill

Burger’s and a LaBatt’s

11/01/2017- Wednesday Lunch Ride.

Cruisers A-Cruisin’

Wednesday, Nov. 1st.  7am and the outside temp is a balmy 38° F with cloudy skies.  Not quite perfect riding conditions but it will do for today’s lunch run.  Per our weather prognosticator, Steve P., the rains won’t come until late afternoon, 6pm at the earliest.  More on this later.

Riders and their rides.

Ken, “Mr. I Like Turns” McCall, volunteered to take the lead and deliver us to one of the best hamburger pubs in the area.  Not the fancy burger joints with bourbon cured Canadian bacon, caramelized bananas & pulled pork smothering a skimpy 6 oz patty.  Just a plain old handmade 13 oz patty of local beef, perfectly grilled to order and paired with a pint of Labatt Blue.  Your choice of toppings.  And dripping with grease, er goodness.  Absolute hamburger bliss.  Destination:  Maple Park Pub and Grill.

Good friends and good food. It don’t get better than this!

Ken’s planned route was for a 100 mile journey from our HE McD’s to Maple Park, 30 miles off as the crow flies.  I thought I knew all of the good riding roads around but Ken found some that were new to me.  During the ride I was wondering why Ken would slow down every now and then so at lunch I asked him if he was driving by memory or following his GPS.  The true leader that Ken is, he got us there from memory.  Although somewhere along the way he lost 3 miles.  Must have missed a turn or two is my guess.  Also missed was a roundabout which Bob W. was anticipating.  Bob couldn’t help but bring up this issue to everyone’s amusement.  Maybe next time, Bob.

No caption needed.

Maple Park Pub and Grill is a friendly place.  Upon entering we were greeted by the locals wondering if we knew it was November and rather cold and windy outside for motorcycles.  They had a good old time with us but we gave it right back at em.  Our waitress/cook was very accommodating especially when we asked for a group picture behind the bar.  No problem whatsoever.  I especially like how the beer tap handles frame Steve.  What a cutie the little guy is.

Just an excuse to get a picture of my bike on the blog….

Lunch finished and stories told so it was time to head home.  About 15 minutes out, the 6pm rain came, 4-1/2 hours early.  With the temp not much above 40° and at highway speeds, this rain sure felt good.  Like ice pellets.  Thankfully it was a very light rain which didn’t slow us down.  Steve must have been snoozing during his weather forecasting classes. (Note from Steve: I ran into NO RAIN on my way home. Must be because you guys didn’t know the dry route to home.)

By the way Ken, you owe us 3 miles.  Thanks for the great ride.