1-29-2018 LRW (Winter Auxiliary) The Bunker DMV

Monday, January 29, 2018, 2:35 PM. I just returned from a drive to Waterford Wisconsin. While you were all snug in your beds avoiding this cruel winter weather, Hugh Brandt and I trekked our way North to The Bunker DMZ to sample their Spam Burgers. We did this to make sure that the preparation of this delicious treat remains up to their prior high standards, so that you, our fellow LRW riders, will not be disappointed and depressed if things have changed and you are served a sub-standard sandwich on your next visit.  This is just one example of the lengths we (Hugh & I)will go to so that your expectations of a special and tasty lunch are met.

Submitted by the Editor-SLP

01/01/2018-JACK FROST RUN

January 1, 2018, JPC Jack Frost Run, held at the ThornWood Restaurant in Wood Dale starting at 11 a.m. featuring their full menu and a cash bar.

Attached are photos of some of the Cruisers who came out in the bitter cold to party and converse with their fellow Cruisers at this, the first club function of the year.

The event was hosted this year by Janet and Al who, in addition to hosting the 50/50 drawing and awarding of door prizes also announced that later this year (2018) the Jerseypine Cruisers Motorcycle Touring Clue would be celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

We then observed a moment of silence for our recently departed JPC Co -Founder Gary Cooper and our member Tom Kearney.

Cruisers, as always, remember the past, but the JPC family also looks towards our future. We are also excited about the upcoming  2018 events and to the above

referenced 40th anniversary celebration.

Thanks to all who attended.

Submitted by Mike L.

12/09/2017-JPC Xmas Party


Lu, Bev, Laurie, Bill, George & Steve

Bob, Bill, Jean, Alicja, Dan & Marge.

Lynn, Ken, Joannie, Hugh, Frank & Candi.

The Party was held at the Rose Garden Café in their festive banquet room. Restaurant on Saturday, December 9th. After l called every member, 35 guests attended. The room was beautifully decorated and we had a cash bar, a delicious buffet style dinner, and Chocolate ice cream served with a variety of holiday treats from guests.


Before dinner a moment of silence was observed to honor the memory of our two recently departed JPC members and friends, Tom Kearney and Life Member and Co-Founder Gary Cooper.


Party favors supplied to all who attended were handmade cocoa/coffee stirrers. We enjoyed listening to Christmas music and dancing to the music played by our favorite DJ, Lenny. Raffles were 50/50 cash and 3 Holiday Treat mugs.

Lenny again provided his DJ services and there was good food, good spirits, good company and good times had by all. If you weren’t there you missed a good one!

Special thanks to my Co-Chair Bill Mumford, and all the people that brought the delicious appetizers and desserts, and all that attended the party. We all had a great time. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Jean Mumford-Chairman

Flo, Rick, Lenny, Sandy & Ken.

Rick & Flo; Ken & Sandy; Ken & Lynn; and Joannie & Hugh.

Greg, Rose, Harry, Linda, Trish and Dave.