JPC Donation to the Standing Tall Foundation

On Friday, May 10, Joe Hill, Marge Anderson, Steve Penczak, Ken Vicker and I presented the JPC check for $1,000 to the Standing Tall Foundation. We had an appointment and met with Mary Vitulli, the Director of Development of the Standing Tall Foundation. Mary personally has a long history with Maryville and was Fr. Smyth’s assistant for many years until the time of his death.

We got a very warm welcome and Mary led us into Rev. John Smyth’s office. It was quite a sobering experience to realize that he would no longer be there. It was filled with many personal photos of Fr. Smyth with past U.S. Presidents, professional athletes, and other famous people. We were welcomed to look around and also saw other interesting memorabilia, some of which were from the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame which Fr. Smyth also founded. Our photos are or will soon be posted on our blog.

Mary expressed sincere gratitude in receiving our donation. We enjoyed sharing many memories of Fr. Smyth, the Windy City Midnight Tour, and Maryville’s own Chuckwagon Days. Mary said the Jerseypine Cruisers were always thought of as a fine organization that was always welcomed at Maryville. As we presented the check and talked with Mary, we knew the Cruisers’ donation was very much appreciated and will be used for the best possible purposes of a fine organization.
Submitted by L. Vicker