The LRW April 1st Luncheon Challenge:

And the winners are: Hugh, Frank B, Candi, Cosmo & Bob C

Main Course:  Tail-off shrimp sautéd in
    Lemon garlic butter sauce on a bed of rice, Baby carrots & kiwi
 Featured Drink:  Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing
 Dessert:  Moonpie (10 sec. in m/wave for perfection)
 Ambience:  Positive Energy candle & crystals.
                      Singing bowls in background.
Mac/Cheese, Tots, Corona,Wet ones and hand sanitizer. What more could you need!

Peeps is always room for Peeps.
Hot Dogs, Frito’s,Gary Poupon and of course a Beer. What else would you add? (tots?)
In the “Better Late Than Never” category, Steve’s submission to the LRW April 1st Luncheon Challenge.  Only 25 days past the lunch.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing regular updates as Steve’s ingredients become an actual lunch.