Sunday Morning Breakfast Club 7/5/20

Wrapping up the 4th of July weekend activities was a Cruisers Sunday morning breakfast ride. Most of the usual suspects of the breakfast club met at the Hoffman Estates McD’s for an earlier than normal 8:30 am start. Our destination was a small & friendly restaurant just north of Wauconda on Rt. 12, Deacon’s Restaurant & Bar. The early start was due to a request by the owner, Deacon, to arrive by 9 am due to an anticipated big breakfast crowd. By 8:30 am we had 13 riders lined up for a straight shot to Deacon’s. Kick stands up and we were on our way. My good buddy Steve doubted we would arrive by 9 am but this was my riding area so I was confident. As luck would have it we had all green lights and no trains in Barrington arriving at Deacon’s in 25 minutes.

Upon arrival we found 2 more of our riders waiting us and we were now a group of 15. For the restaurant, no problem as the back deck was big with plenty of seating and there was also indoor seating available. CDC protocols were being followed and I believe our group felt comfortable. Once seated coffee was served and orders taken. The meals arrived promptly, looked and tasted great. The omelets especially looked terrific. Our group must have enjoyed the meals as I didn’t get one (1) complaint. From this group, that’s saying something.

After breakfast I had a 60 mile meander through the northwest countryside with the final stop being in Port Barrington on the Fox River. The first big challenge (read that as a big concern) was leaving Deacon’s parking lot. Our destination road was directly across Rt. 12 meaning we had to safely get 15 bikes across 4 lanes of race track traffic without much road to work with. With everyone cautioned we lined up for departure. I looked left, then right and was amazed not see a single car or truck insight. PERFECT! Accelerate, lean right to get into the turn lane and then lean left to cross the southbound lanes and onto Case Road. All 15 bikes made it safely; a good sign for the ride to follow.

Meandering through Island Lake, Crystal Lake and north to the Bull Valley area brought us to open farm country. The turn-back-to-home point was just west and south of Hebron. We continued to the Wonder Lake/Glacial Park area and then south through Ringwood to our rest stop in Johnsburg. From Johnsburg it was a quick ride on River Road to Port Barrington and to the No Wake Bar & Grill where the survivors (5 of 15) relaxed under a huge tent enjoying refreshing beverages and a cool river breeze to keep the afternoon heat away. Many, many topics were explored, including toilets for some reason, to everyone’s amusement. A proper ending to an enjoyable days ride.

Note to the SBR riders: Great job of group riding. We maintained a steady pace with no delays over the 80+ miles travelled. Thank you all.

Note to Round-About Robert: Route featured five (5) round-abouts.