8/19/2020 Rusty Nail Saloon

On Wednesday, 8/19, seven of us left Stark’s Corners at 10am and headed toward the Rusty Nail in Ringwood for lunch.  Frank led us on a leisurely ride through multiple suburbs, past cornstalks, barns, a large variety of homes, past wild turkeys, over hill and dale (what the heck is a “dale”?) until we arrived at our destination.

The Rusty Nail is known for its very crowded Friday fish fries:  Bill Lindwall advises staying away from visiting on Fridays if you don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder during these Covid times. 

The restaurant’s deck is very roomy with tables far apart.  It overlooks a bicycle path with woods behind it.  We had nothing but sunshine and blue skies and a very efficient server.  The food was excellent but the company even better!!!

08/05/2020 LRW HalfTime- Johnsburg

Hello Cruisers!
Wow! What a great LRW lunch at HalfTime Bar & Grill in Johnsburg, IL.

The weather was absolutely perfect, the riding was great and the scenery was dazzling (I’m using poetic license here).

The weather on Wednesday for the ride to Johnsburg was great, the weather was in our favor, with cool breezes, temperatures in the low 70s with big puffy white clouds scattered across a bright blue sky. Seven bikes and seven smiling faces rolled out of the Hoffman Estates McDonalds at 9:45 AM and headed north. We were following what I refer to as my “Standard Route.” 95% of the time when I take a ride and I head north I ride this route. Now the end-point can vary depending on how I feel or what I want to accomplish, but the majority of this route remains the same.

We had a leisurely 90 minute ride to Johnsburg, and I must admit it was great to see the line of bikes behind me again as we rolled along the back roads to our destination. We arrived at HalfTime around 11:20 and finding that their patio was open we requested seating out there for 7.

As usual the 7 of us, 6-Cruisers & a visitor from behind the “Cheddar Curtain,” managed to sample a good deal of their menu, which, by the way we were only given 1 copy of because they throw them away after use. The Specials for the day were 2-dollar, 20 oz. domestic drafts and the full slab of ribs that George ordered and enjoyed immensely. I heard no complaints as everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. As is to be expected the serving of the food did nothing to stifle the conversation around the table which in my mind is the reason to lead rides like this. Exchanging ideas, or even arguing with fellow Cruisers’ make this a great way to enjoy getting together.

After lunch we lined up outside for our group photo taken by our lovely waitress, and after this everyone saddled-up and left at their own pace. I want to thank everyone Hugh, George, Bill, Cosmo, Frank and Candi for coming along to make this an enjoyable LRW lunch and ride. It was a good day with good friends.

Enjoy the photos below and if you missed this LRW, there will be a chance for a repeat LRW journey to a different location on August 19th.

Submitted by: SLP w/photos from HGB and SLP

Lunch at the Bunker 7/31/2020

Mr. Brandt had phoned me on Thursday morning and suggested to me that it just might be time for us to make a pilgrimage to the “Bunker” in Waterford WI for some Spam Burgers. I immediately expressed my enthusiasm for his idea; however I already had an existing reservation for today’s lunch but I was wide-open on Friday if he could work this into his schedule. Later that evening I received another call from Mr. Brandt where he reported that he was able accommodate my wishes and lead the ride to Waterford on Friday. He also mentioned that Mr. Gauss would be joining us on the ride.

George Gauss and I met up at the Brandt Mansion in beautiful Wauconda Illinois on Friday, July 31st at 11 AM. When I arrived, Mr. Gauss, Mr. Brandt and the Mistress of the Manor, the lovely and talented Mrs. Brandt, were already deep in conversation, but took the time to greet me.

At 11AM we bid our goodbyes to Mrs. Brandt, hoped on our bikes and headed out with Mr. Brandt in the lead. We enjoyed a leisurely 90-minute ride to Waterford as Mr. Brandt had put together a new route for this ride which consisted of parts of previous rides along with a selection of new roads for our riding pleasure. The ride went off perfectly until we were minutes from our rides end where an erroneous left-turn was made into a business’ driveway. Fortunately the driveway was quite wide and we were able to execute some absolutely perfect U-turns to get us back on our way in the correct direction.

We arrived at the Bunker around 12:30 and went inside to claim our rewards. Mr. Brandt and I each ordered a Spam Burgers and Fries but for some reason Mr. Gauss had to be different and ordered Italian Sausage. To wash this down we each enjoyed a (1) frosty-cold Amber Lager from Westein Company out of Milwaukee. The sandwiches were terrific, the service great and the bartender/cook friendly. Everything you expect from a Wisconsin eatery. After our respective pit-stops we headed for home.

Mr. Brandt had put in the effort and taken the time to plan a scenic return route but I had to disappoint him because I had promised Mrs. Penczak that I would be home around 3pm so we could step out for our Friday dinner. After riding the quick route back, which by the way was also on mostly back roads, I managed to walk in the door before 3:30. I am sure his new return route will not go to waste as we plan to return to the Bunker in the not too distant future.

I would like to thank Hugh for making the call and putting in the effort to plan a new route for George and I to enjoy. Combine this with a tasty lunch and the results were a great day.