LRW “Rite of Spring” Lunch Ride

With storms in the area it was touch-&-go for our annual Rite of Spring lunch ride.  For once, the forecasters were correct forecasting that the storms would clear out by 6:30 am on Wednesday, the day of our ride.  That they did and our ride was on.

Seven riders met at McD’s in Hoffman Estates for a 9:30 am departure including a new LRW rider, Ben. on a gorgeous Victory in sparkling red.  Our destination was the Thirsty Horse located in southeastern Kenosha County, Wisconsin. The Thirsty Horse has been a Spring favorite for the last 5 years (minus 2020 of course) so the traditional Spring ride continues.

A 50 mile route was planned taking us through some of the most scenic areas riding mostly quiet county roads   The sun was up, the temperature perfect and traffic light so all was going well.  Until I missed a turn.  Which eliminated a really nice 2 mile stretch of rolling Lake County featuring outstanding equestrian pastures and housing.  Unfortunately the road I missed was the only way into this area so I kept going until we were back on the planned route.  On the plus side I didn’t lose anyone along the way. Upon arrival just shy of 11:30 am, two more Cruisers were waiting.  Greg on his bike and George G. 4-wheeling it as his bike remains with the bike doctor.  Our table for 10 was waiting for us and drinks and lunch was quickly ordered.  The service was friendly and fast.  You could tell when the food was delivered as all conversations stopped and quiet ensued.  Our server, Miranda, took really good care of us even taking a group picture so the whole group could be included.  Couldn’t ask for more.

The days goal was to provide a nice group ride and a nice lunch with plenty of good food and conversation.  Mission accomplished.  Around 1 pm the big group split up into small riding groups depending on which way was home and off we went.  Many thanks to Ben, Bill L, Bob W, Frank & Candi, Joe H, George G, and Greg B for participating and making this a great group ride

Upon my arrival at home I parked the bike and settled in my La-Z-Boy for well deserved nap.

HGB   5/27/21

LRW – CET Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Our first annual LRW – Cheap Eats Tour was a success. Our 8 bikes, including a visitor from the North, departed the Hoffman Estates McD’s at precisely 9:30 am on a 70 mile ride that ended in the parking lot at Tommy’s Red Hots on Route 14 in Crystal Lake . Our route took us as far West as Sycamore before we turned North/Northeast and headed towards our destination. We rode mostly secondary roads with occasional forays onto some still unimproved “farm roads” that were barely 1 ½ lanes wide. Because of this rural routing we were able to avoid most of the road construction zones that, almost overnight, have popped up everywhere.
We arrived at our destination around 11:20 am and found fellow Cruiser, George Gauss holding a large table for our group. His bike down for repairs, George 4-wheeled it to Tommy’s to join us for lunch.
After a hour or so of eating and conversing we broke up and headed our separate ways. From the comments I received I would say that both the ride and the event were a success.
Thanks to my co-chair Hugh B and attendees Frank and Candi, Bob W., Don K., Bill L., Geo G., and our guest from The Land of Cheddar, Cosmo for attending the inaugural event.
Submitted by Steve P.
Photos by Hugh B.

5th Friday lunch at The Shanty, April 30, 2021

The Shanty Friday May 30, 2021

It all started at the McDonald’s in Hoffman Estates on the morning of Friday the 30th of May with social distancing parking by 9 cruisers.

We took off on our 40-mile ride by heading over to Central Rd and then onto Ela Rd. for that leg up to Lake Zurich.  After passing by the lake in Lake Zurich, we picked up Midlothian for the trip north. Midlothian is interesting as it passes the schools in Lake Zurich and then through the back side of one of Lake Zurich’s industrial parks. Next, we were treated to open spaces with some new and older housing developments. Our next area to be passing through on Midlothian was the town of Mundelein. We passed by a couple of schools, the fire department and numerous subdivisions, which opened up to a golf course and open spaces on the north end. We next passed by the Lake Country Fair grounds which is one of the vaccination locations in Lake County. Our next adventure was navigating US45 north. With the size of our little group, we were almost bound to get split up on this leg of the trip, but with some communications between the front and back of the group, we only had to stop once for the back to catch up with the front. I guess there were too many intersections with signals. With the group back together, we proceeded north for the last leg of the trip. We hung a right onto Millburn Road and were greeted with no less than 3 roundabouts before coming to Wadsworth Rd and the end of our adventure tto the Shanty. With the Shanty changing their rules about the number of persons at a table, all 9, were able to be at the same table, so you can only imagine all the various conversations that took place.

Here are the pictures of our first 5th Friday lunch run attendees

There are 2 more 5th Friday lunch runs, so check or mark your calendar with the following dates. (July 30th, October 29th)