LRW “The Long & Not So Windy Road” Lunch Ride

If there ever is a perfect day for a ride, Wednesday, June 16th was it.  In the early morning the temp was mid 60’s, during the ride mid 70’s, low 80’s and for the ride home upper 80’s with sunshine and a cool breeze.  Couldn’t ask for better. 

For this ride the meeting spot was the Dunkin’s Donuts on Rt. 72 in Gilberts.  I reasoned that single riders could navigate the “urban crush” from HE to Gilberts easier than a large group.  It turned out that most of the LRW riders enjoyed the change.  Outside seating was plenty for our group, Dunkins’ coffee is really good and fresh donuts to start your engine for the 50 mile ride to lunch in Marengo.  By KSU time we had nine (9) bikes and ten (10) members ready to ride.

The ride to Marengo was as advertised:  “long and not so windy” making for a relaxing ride.  The route featured well paved roads, some hills, some curves and lots of good scenery for visual entertainment.  Plus we avoided all towns staying on mainly county roads.  Bob W. has a GPS that can record the route start to finish and he was laughing about the circuitous route taken to get to a nearby town (17 miles as the crow flies).  Now I know that Bob is entertained by more than round-abouts (the route included a couple, just for Bob).  We arrived at Pointers at 11:20 am, 10 minutes early despite all the doubters who said I couldn’t ride slow enough to take 1.5 hours to travel only 50 miles.  I showed ‘em.

We lunched at Niko’s Pointers Saloon in “downtown” Marengo.  Pointers is a very comfortable place with lots of rough wood and vaulted ceilings and a decent menu.  Our table for 10 was waiting for us upon arrival and we went to the head of the line for seating.  Soon enough drinks were ordered and delivered.  Lunch was ordered and delivered.  And colorful conversations, of course.  I think everyone enjoyed the meal and conversation.  We finally paid our bills, bid ado and departed our separate way at 1 pm.  I rode home a happy member of the LRW riders.

Many thanks to our LRW lunch enthusiasts who participated:  Frank & Candi, Bob and Marge, Steve P, Don K, Bill L, Joe H and Smilin’ Ben L.

HGB  6/18/21

LRW – *CET Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Our second annual LRW –*Cheap Eats Tour was a success. Our 10 bikes departed the Hoffman Estates McD’s at precisely 9:30 am on a 60 mile ride that ended in the parking lot at Flips Beef & Gyros on Route 38 (Roosevelt Rd) in Glenn Ellyn.
Wednesday morning dawned sunny and warm on this 2nd CET ride to Flips. The day turned out to be a flip-flop weather wise! The original forecast was for occasional thunderstorms throughout the day but all we had to contend with was bright sunshine and a little heat. We prefer to see the sun on our rides and we got a lot of it today.
My 60 mile route took us out onto the roads west of Elgin and St. Charles as far as Virgil, IL before we turned East to get to our Glen Ellyn destination where we arrived just in time for lunch at 11:25 AM.
We had 10 members make the ride and 9 stayed for lunch. Rick was working later and does not like to eat before he sleeps, so that left Me, Hugh, Frank, Candi. Bill H., Bill L., Greg, Don and Bob W. enjoy another wonderful CET lunch; i.e. hot dogs & fries. The food was good and, as always, there was lots and lots of sparkling conversation, and a few loud discussions, around the 3 tables that our group occupied. It was all in fun and, as always, it was great to see and dine with our fellow members.
We did some great riding, had a good lunch and had some great fun. Try to join us on next month’s ride.
Submitted by: Steve P
Photos by: Steve P.

Sunny Side Up Family Restaurant,Dousman WI

Wednesday, June 2nd we (Hugh, Don, Steve, Frank and Candi) had an impromptu ride to the Sunny Side Up Family Restaurant, 159 WI-67, Dousman, WI 53118
We braved the threatening weather (Clear and sunny with temps in the mid 70s) and partook in an 85+mile ride to Dousman. For the most part the Wisconsin back roads were in very decent condition with plenty of hills and corners to keep the 5 of us amused.

We departed from Starks Corner at 9:30 am and pulled into the restaurant around 11:45 am. We were a bit surprised to find that the restaurant was attached to a gas station building. Nothing I had read about Sunny Side apprised me of this fact so we ended up making a rather abrupt stop and left turn (imagine some cursing and tire squealing) into their parking lot. (My apologies to all!) None of this dampened our spirits or our appetites. The food was plentiful and quite good. I had a grilled chicken sandwich that contained the largest breast I had ever seen.

After stuffing ourselves we gassed up and Mr. Wenzon guided us back toward Illinois where each of us turned off and headed for our homes.

As an aside, on the way out of the gas station I noticed a sign that said there was a Saloon in the rear attached to the same building, making it your one-stop gassing, eating and drinking spot in Dousman.

Text by Steve P.
Photo by Hugh B.