LRW-Spam-a-Palooza July 14th

LRW-Spam-a-Palooza @ The Bunker
Dateline: Wednesday, July 14th, 2021
It was a beautiful clear and mostly sunny day when I rolled out of bed this morning. After being forced to cancel this ride last week I was very much encouraged to see the sun light streaming in my window.

On my ride over to the Hoffman Estates McDs I was trying to remember how many responded positively to the flyer notice. I guess, for the most part we had what we have begun to call the “Usual Suspects.” Myself, Hugh B., Don K., George G., Frank W. (Candi had an excused absence), and Kurt L, a recent convert.

My route consisted of a lot of tried and true road segments that would certainly be familiar to a lot of members who have ridden to Wisconsin with us before. My planning and execution of the route was absolutely perfect right up to the point where in ended in a Waterford WI residential neighborhood. As they are wont to say even the best laid plans sometimes go astray. Mr. Brant stepped forward to direct us to the Bunker and I made a note to check my GPS file when I get home to see what happened.

George decided on Pulled Pork while the rest of us ordered our Spam Burgers and fries. We then spent the next 30 minutes drooling in anticipation of their arrival. 4 of us agreed that there was no finer sandwich in the world while Frank said he could take it or leave it and George just said “too much salt”.

After lunch and photos we were treated to Mr. Brandt’s patented ‘return routes” This is definitely one ride that will be repeated. How often will depend on the number of requests we receive. All in all, a great time was had by all. We enjoyed the nice weather, the ride, and some of us even positively enjoyed our lunch.

Story by: Steve P.