My Eagle Cargo Trailer

This is a cargo trailer manufactured by Smitty’s of Ames, Iowa.  I purchased it in 1981when we were doing a lot of travel by motorcycle.  A couple of years later Smitty’s came out with a taller bottom shell which gave the trailer a full 9 c.f. of packing space which was perfect for our travels at that time.  We pulled our Eagle cargo trailer behind our 1976 Goldwing throughout the USA, from Key West to Washington State, from southern California to Nova Scotia.  And many points in between.  Countless 3-4 day motorcycle rallies and JPC weekend campouts.  Camping gear and personal items were inside, 2 lawn chairs strapped to the luggage rack and our Little Oscar cooler strapped to the luggage rack on the bike.  The Eagle trailer was also put to use for Cub Scout and Boy Scout campouts.  By 1992 our 2 growing lads were at an age where we needed to spend a lot more time with them and their activities so the camping days came to an end and the trailer went into the garage.

Fast forward to 2021 and I had a need to make room in the garage for a bigger car so something had to go.  Sadly the trusty old trailer was chosen.  I gave it a good wash, checked for any accessories and checked the tires (yes, they still held air !) and put it out on the road with a For Sale sign attached.  On day 3 a Harley guy stopped by and showed interest in buying the trailer.  We had a good chat and all his questions got answered.  A few hours later he was back to buy it.  Terms agreed to, money changing hands and we stuffed the trailer into his truck and off it went.  That was the first week in June.

Today I heard what sounded like a motorcycle engine idling but I could not place from where.  Much to my surprise there was a Harley sitting in my driveway with the Eagle trailer hitched to it.  My friend had cleaned the old thing up, painted the inside, cleaned and polished the wheels to a like-new chrome finish and upgraded the wiring.  And it looks terrific behind the bike.

I am now happy knowing that my old trailer, which served us so well. is once again on the road in very good hands.

HGB   7/18/21