LRW to Broken Spoke, July 21, 2021

It was a beautiful morning on July 21st when our group of riders led by Frank pulled away from the Gilberts Dunkin’ Donuts . We immediately complied with JPC history in making our first U-turn to avoid a cement median strip on Tyrell Road that didn’t allow us to proceed north. Traffic was light and there was no rain in sight.

We used back roads all the way to Genoa City, Wisconsin and arrived at the Broken Spoke near 11:30am. Imagine the look on Frank’s face when we pulled at the locked door at the entrance……the restaurant was dark but after a few desperate knocks, a rushed employee appeared and apologized for running late. We chalked it up to a true Wisconsin experience.

Once seated, Steve and Lucy joined us (travelled by car) as their plans were to cruise the high seas of Lake Geneva on a boat tour after our meal.

The Broken Spoke has a large menu including such items as brats covered with pulled pork, bacon and cheese smothered burgers, chili, nachos, cheese curds, Nashville hot chicken, fish and to-die-for fried potato peels (with cheese of course). All good! Frank was excited about his very thick chili and demonstrated to all , the spoon that stood straight up in the bowl without even beginning to lean over (the spoon, not Frank).

All in all, the Broken Spoke offered excellent service, clean surroundings, nice bathrooms and awesome food…………. It definitely deserves a repeat performance!

Story by Candi
Photos by Hugh & Steve