LRW-CET 8/4/21-Sammie’s

On Wednesday, August 4th, we met up at our favorite Hoffman Estates McD’s at 9am. After coffee, it was kick-stands-up at 9:30 and we were off on my planned route to Sammie’s Hot Dogs in Round Lake, IL. There were 8 of us on 7 bikes present at the start: Bob W., Cosmo, Don K., Hugh B., Joe H., Ken & Sandy M., and myself.
Wednesday’s weather was absolutely perfect for us motorcyclists, with 70 degree temperatures for the ride to Round Lake and just 81 degrees for our rides home.
My route today was 65 miles long and it was a combination of some familiar sections with a mix of some new roads sprinkled in for variety (anyway they were new to me). As best that I could make it, I added in as many twists, turns and as much hilly terrain that this part of our State has to offer. At the end of the ride I was not presented with a list of complaints so I am going to chalk this ride and this route up as a success.
Shortly after we arrived at Sammie’s our group number swelled by one as the lovely and talented Mrs. Brandt (Joanie) graced us with her presence. She was in the neighborhood so she decided to join us.
The dogs and fries were delicious and, near as I could tell, Cosmo was the only non-taker of the tubular delights offered by Sammie’s (he went for the beef sandwich). After 90 minutes of mostly cordial conversation we split up and headed our separate ways home.
Thanks to all who attended I hope you all had as much fun as I did.
Story by: Steve P.
Photos by: Steve P. and Hugh B.