The Meandering Roads Lunch Ride

MEANDER: To proceed by taking a winding or indirect course.

For the second 5th Friday lunch ride the weather forecasters were spot on:  “sunny with occasional clouds, temps of upper 60’s to mid 70’s and pleasant”.  Weather like that is hard to come by but we enjoyed the perfect day to have a group ride for lunch.  For our destination I chose a tavern in the Spring Grove area that I had wanted to try out.  I had driven past KC’s Cabin countless times without ever stopping in so this ride gave me that opportunity.

We met at our Hoffman Estates Mc’D’s at 9:30 am for coffer and conversation with a departure time of 10 am.  I had a 65 mile route planned which I had split into a southern leg and a northern leg.  The southern leg was roads that I ride for my own enjoyment and relaxation so I didn’t bother planning a road-by-road route.  I simply worked my way up to Johnsburg choosing roads I thought the group would like.  The northern leg was somewhat unfamiliar territory so I planned that leg using Goggle Maps from Johnsburg to our destination.  My first pre-ride proved that pre-rides are necessary as my route included 2 roads that were closed by construction and 1 road that didn’t exist despite what Goggle Maps showed.  The ride went smoothly.  No U-turns, a couple of round-abouts, lots of turns (45 turns in 65 miles!) and nobody got lost.  I learned at lunch that the route included a road that Ken & Sandy McC had never been on and that alone made the ride worthwhile.

The folks at KC’s Cabin were ready for us upon arrival having a table set up and waiting.  Service was fast and friendly.  The menu had something for everyone and the food was quite good.  Evidently the group liked the place as there was no hurry to leave.  We finally got out and heading home after 2 hours of eating and conversation.  Turned out to be a good place and I’ll certainly be back.

Many thanks to our LRW lunch enthusiasts who participated:  Frank W, Bill L, George G, Steve P, Ken & Sandy McC. HGB  8/4/21