Friday the 13th Lunch-Pasta Mia, Bartlett, August 13, 2021

This was the 3rd Annual Friday the 13th lunch and the first to take place post-pandemic. With 10 people in attendance I am going to count this in the success column.

Hugh & Joanie, Joe & Marge, Ken & Lynn, Steve & Lu, George and Don were the Cruisers’ that answered the call, and from what I was able to observe had a good meal and a great time. There is something about lunching with fellow Cruisers’ that loosens ones tongue and refreshes the spirits; AKA, everyone talks to everyone else.

Past Mia was (is still) a favorite of ours (Lu & I) from our many years of living in Hanover Park. I was a little concerned when they contacted me on Thursday to tell me they had booked a large, after funeral buffet crowd. They asked if I would mind being moved to the high-tops in the bar area. I told them we were flexible and that moving our tables was not a problem. Good pastas, great sandwiches, delicious pizza and a selection of Craft Beers make this a desirable casual place to stop for a tasty meal. After we downed our lunch I could tell all in attendance were of the same opinion. All to soon the conversation came to an end and we were off on our separate ways.

Thanks to all who attended and I hope to see all of you, and maybe some new faces, again at our 4th Annual Friday the 13th lunch in May 2022.

Story by: Steve P.
Photos by: Steve P.