LRW-CET 9/24 Wee-Dee’s

We had 11 brave souls get up early on a fine Friday Morning to travel to the DD in Gilberts in anticipation of a 66-mile adventure to Wee-Dees in South Elgin.  The temperature was warmer as we all waited for the eventual start of the run. 9:25am rolled around and everyone was ready to get on the road. I must say that as a group we did rather well at staying together, not that the lack of traffic had anything to do with it, but let’s take open roads whenever we can get them. Along the way we came across a small farm which I believe had lamas in their enclosure by the road. We were also greeted with the main part of a combine which probably was heading to one of the unharvested fields that we traveled through. Speaking of fields, there were corn, soybean and even a late grain fields along the way.

One of the highlights of the trip, among other things and the scenery, were the 2 roundabouts. Always an interesting proposition with 9 bikes. Some of the oncoming traffic would stop and let the group through. Good to see the friendliness of the motoring public.

We managed to do the 66 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes which, if I am correct, was the initial estimate for this run.

Somewhere along the way, most likely the last 500 feet, we picked up donut Don, so there were now 12 JPC’s heading into Wee-Dee’s for lunch. This is the highest count of attendees for a lunch ride in 2021. Once inside, we were greeted by a wonderful lady (the owner) who started taking orders and turning them into the money man who in turn gave the orders to the cook.  I went to get my drink out from the soda machine and got some napkins and up came my 2-dog special. Marge’s 2-dog special was up a few seconds later. The cook was spitting out orders every minute and I bet within 5-7 minutes we all had our food.

After we all had our lunches and all the associated BS sessions, we meet outside for the obligatory picture session.  Now they are not the best pictures since I was using a brand-new Cell phone and it has a very long learning curve. What is below are the best of the bunch, some of which were very interesting and not worth publishing.

Thanks to all that came along – Hugh, Steve, Dave, Joe, Greg, Bill, Sandy, Ken, Frank B, Don, Marge W and yours truly.

Bob W

LRW-Shabbona Café 09-08-2021

I was sitting around at home last Saturday night and I was thinking is was time for another LRW event. So I fired up my netbook to see if there were any destinations and routes in my Garmin file that haven’t been run yet. Finding none I decided to look down the list to see if there was route and a restaurant listed that we had not been too for a while. Towards the end of my Illinois List I spied the route for the Shabbona Café in beautiful downtown Shabbona Illinois. Because I originally made this route up in May of 2017, and had not ridden it since that time, I determined that a pre-ride would be necessary before I would subject a group to this route. So On Sunday, while the rest of you headed for breakfast in Cortland, I did my pre-ride to make sure there were no surprises on the route. Finding no major problems with the route, later that Sunday I got the notice of the upcoming LRW out to the members.

The weather on Wednesday morning, as promised, was absolutely beautiful. We arranged to meet at the Dunkin Donuts (DD) in Gilberts with a advertised departure time of 9:45 am. When Don, who advised he was coming, did not show up we decided to give him 5 more minutes before we departed. We left DD at 9:50 and, while on the way, Bill heard from Don who said he was meeting us at the restaurant.

The planned route was 70 miles of typical Illinois back roads, meaning areas of what passes for twistie’s in this state with sections of Whoop-Dee-Doo’s along with mile upon mile of corn and soybean fields. A pleasant ride but not very scenic. Well none of six riders got lost or left behind so the voyage to the Shabbona Café could be considered successful. Don, as promised, was waiting inside holding down the big table. Don explained he had a doctor’s appointment so I decided not to penalize him for his absence. He was deducted 2-points for not telling us about it before hand.

We had an absolutely insane waitress, Laura, waiting on us which added to the festive feelings we 7, Bill L., Cosmo, Don, Bill H., Candi, Frank and I were all enjoying. In addition to having a good time everyone appeared to be enjoying their lunches. I especially enjoyed the “small town” prices on the Cafes menu.

After more than a hour of conversation we decided it was time to head for home. Our guest from the Land of Cheddar took off on his own to head back to Burlington. The rest of the group fell in behind me an proceeded to drop off at various places along my route to home. Thanks to you guys for coming out this time. I hope we can get a couple of decent LRW’s in before we have to call the game on account of weather.
Story and photos by Steve.