2017 Broadhead Campout

Over the weekend of May 17th thru May 21, I and 3 others enjoyed a fun weekend at the Crazyhorse Campground in Brodhead Wisconsin.

Marge and I arrived around noon and checked in with the campground and were informed that there were no registration packets available as they don’t open till Memorial Weekend. That was OK as we knew where we were to park after being at this camp ground for many years. As we returned to the RV, Tommy Eurick arrived, so now there were 3 of us ready for a fun weekend.  We headed to our site and got setup in no time as the new RV has so many automated features, it makes setup almost painless.

It wasn’t many minutes after we got setup that George Barrington arrived and in a few minutes he was parked and had the HD unloaded.  Usually we setup a couple of Easy-Ups, but there was a little too much wind, so we held off that part of the camp setup.  As it turns out, we never did setup the Easy-Ups all weekend.

We did some hiking around the campground after all the setup was completed and noticed only 2 other weekenders at the campground at this time.  Back at the RV, we did some setup of the Satellite dish, which could not find any satellites due to the local trees being a little larger than last year and I parked the trailer a little farther forward than last year. Oh Well, I still had a new directional antenna on the RV, so we set that up and all was well with the world. We also brought along some DVD’s on an external disk drive which between 2 of us we got connected to the living room TV. Now all is good.  About this time we notice some additional RV’s were arriving, so I guess we are not going to be the only ones there on Wednesday/Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday, it was a nice day for riding, so we went to the Sand Burr restaurant for breakfast and then headed out for a ride to nowhere.  We put on about 3 hours of back roads and ended up near Monroe. We also made a stop at Walmart before dinner so George could pick up a new toy.  After Dinner we still did not have any additional campers with us, but others were starting to arrive at the campground.  We also got a call from Ken McCall who was looking for a start time on Friday.  We decided that a 9am stands up would work for us and allow him to get here with time to spare.

Well, as it turned out, Friday was ALL WET. We got a call from Ken that we kind of expected, no sense starting out in the rain.  We piled into one of the trucks and headed to Monroe for some spirits tasting.  When we got to the Minhas Distillery, we were greeted by a couple of young folks who gave us a run down of what we could expect.  Turns out that there is a winery and brewery all associated with the Distillery.  So, as one can  imagine, we started with the distillery.  For $12 we got four cocktails made with Minhas spirits. Yes, we got cocktails, not what we expected, but interesting.  We did get to keep the glasses and received a bottle of Margarita Drink .

After all the cocktails, we purchased some of the spirits and headed to the winery.  There we could sample the various wines and had a great time with the bartender(s).  Once again we got to keep the glasses. We are making a haul, so a trip to the truck to drop off our goodies was in order.  It was now lunch time, so a short 2 block walk to Baumgartnert’s was called for.  As usual the meal was good and we were able to relax as we had some time before the brewery tour was scheduled.

We walked back to the Brewery and wandered around the gift shop for a few minutes before the tour. The tour was not what we expected, but it was interesting as the guide has some interesting facts about the place.  At the end of the tour we all received a 6 pack of their products. We went back to the main tasting room and all got a tasting of whatever they had on tap and we got another free glass.

After all the tastings, we still had a couple of more stops to make before heading back to Brodhead.  If one is in Monroe, you have to stop at the Swiss Colony outlet store for petit fours. We also did a pass by Walgreen’s for some batteries for the RV as I forgot to put new batteries into the tire pressure monitors on the RV. Back at the campground, we found that many other campers had arrived, so we had company all over the place.  We had a light dinner at the RV and watched a move for the rest of the day.

Saturday was no better weather wise. When near New Glarus, one has to make a stop at the brewing company and a couple of the shops in town.

We also found a winery in Browntown, so a trip there was in order.  It was an interesting place. They had only been in business for about 4 years. The tasting was good if you like fruit based wine and the bar maids were really friendly and we all have a good time.

For lunch, we went back to Monroe to a little joint by the name of Pancho & Lefty’s.  It was interesting as I think they could only hold about 50 patrons at any time, but the service was good as was the food. That about ended the day, so a “short” ride back to the campground kind of ended the weekend.