Virginia pine - n. a common, often straggling pine (Pinus virginiana) of the eastern US that has short needles occurring in pairs - also called Jersey pine.

The founding members of the Jerseypine Cruisers (JPC's) were also DesPlaines Jaycee members with a common interest in their love of motorcycling.

It was decided at the very beginning that this new group's name should somehow tie-in with the "JC" affiliation, even though the intent was not to recruit Jaycees. Use of the low key, yet does visually depict that affiliation.

It was also decided, that first and above all, the group's name should be somewhat synonymous with it's activity. Agreed, there's no doubt "Cruising" exemplifies a sense of freedom - the feeling experienced by every person ever involved in touring.

But Jerseypine...?

It was agreed that the name should be versatile and non-descriptive of any particular location, interest, etc. A name in any way associated with the "Hell-on-Wheels" image that many cycle groups received was definitely unwanted.

Agreeing on a word starting with "J" wasn't that simple (try it once), especially if it were to meet the requirements of...non-geographical, non-partisan, and a bit macho in tone without being tough.

Although "Jerseypine" met these requirements, what actually sold the final decision was Webster's definition ("...occurring in pairs..") That "pair" may also symbolize the affiliation of two progressive groups, the Jerseypine Cruisers and the Jaycees.

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