2018-4th of July Parade & Picnic.

I can’t say anything about the Parade because I did not attend but I can tell you about the picnic.

For 2018 the 4th of July Picnic was held at George and Bev’s house in Des Plaines. As past year the party was held here Bev did all the preliminary work, which means the greater majority of it, and George handled the Bar-B-Q grill. Again the food was outstanding, beer flowed like water, water flowed like water and deserts were magnificent.

The conversation, as at any Cruiser event was all over the board, from solving the world’s woes to why Honda’s are superior to Harley’s. (They just are, that’s why!)

If you want more say-so volunteer to be editor next year.

A hardy and well deserved “Thank-You” to Bev and George for once again opening their house and hearts to us Cruisers’ so that we may partake of our good friends and give us an opportunity to get to better know some of our newer members.

Most of you don’t know this but George handed me a can of Spam as Lu and I were leaving the party. I had been bugging him for a couple of weeks about serving Spamburgers instead of boring old Hamburgers. So to show him I appreciated the gesture I took a photo of me preparing my Spam & eggs on the morning of the 5th. Thanks George.

Photos and story by: The Editor   (SLP)