11/27/2018 Meeting Minutes.


November 27, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Sandy McCall at 7:33PM

Board Members Present:

Greg Buss

Sandy McCall

Bob Wagner

Candi Wenzon

Joe Hill


Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Introduction of Host/Hostess

Hugh Brandt served as host with Bob Crosson assisting.

Introduction of Guests & Associates


Additions/Deletions to Agenda

Add to New Business

  1. Trademark Renewal – Joe Hill



President’s Report

               There will be no December meeting, Bob Wagner to send out a reminder.

“Motorcycle Trivia” was played.  Winners were as follows:

  1. Bill Mumford

What product did Yamaha originally produce before motorcycles?


  1. Ken Vicker

What was the name of first big Indian cycle to hit the market?


  1. Frank Wenzon

What was the first model produced by Honda?

Dream! (Editors Note: I believe the “Cub” was produced before the “Dream”.)

VP Reports – Bob Wagner

 If anyone would like a 40th anniversary key fob, contact Bob ($2).  We need to order more JPC t-shirts, particularly X-Lg.  A survey will be done and cost determined.  A few members are owed free t-shirts from the Anniversary Party raffle.

Meetings & Programs:  H. Brandt


Editor:  S. Penczak


Tour Director:  G. Gauss (absent)

As soon as you are done with riding for the year, please send your mileage information to George.

Communications:  L. Vicker

Nothing to report.

AMA/Membership:  G. Barrington (absent)

Speak Up



Ken Vicker, Ken McCall and Bob Wagner were honored with a song.

Unfinished Business:

A. Event Financial Reports

40th Anniversary Party – Candi Wenzon

The club paid for the party, budgeted was $1,371.36, actual was $1394.81.

$23.45 was over budget.

Motion to accept report:             Bob Wagner

Second:                                             Joe Hill

Discussion:                                      Well attended, delicious food with enough

Leftover to take home, great key fobs.

Motion:                                             Passed unanimously.

Program – “Motorcycle Tales”– Jean Mumford

Jean shared her story of Bill’s accident in 1993 in which he severely injured his leg after being hit by a van.  She said she would always remember the JPC’s coming together to help and to share their experience.

50/50 & Door Prizes

On a bike:           None

50/50:                 $ 15was won by Dave Ewing.

Several door prizes were given to various ticket holders.

New Business:

A. Event Budget Requests

Installation Dinner – Sandy McCall

Scheduled for 3/16 for $30/person, budgeted for $600 with a loss of $229.34 expected (based on 26 paying people, board members and DJ are free.)

Motion:                                             Bob Wagner

Second:                                             Greg Buss

Discussion:                                      None

Motion:                                             Passed unanimously

B. Holiday Party 12/08/18 – Jean Mumford

The party will take place at the Rose Garden/Elk Grove.  Cost will be $30 to include DJ, Lenny.  5:30 Cash bar, 6:30 Dinner.  Bring desserts if you wish.  11/20 was the deadline to pay……..flyer on the web.

C. Jack Frost 1/01/19 – Hugh Brandt

At Thornwood Restaurant, Itasca beginning at 11:00am.  This is a pay as you go event with raffle, cash bar, and microphone for stories.

D. Nominations for 2019 Board – Frank Wenzon

Frank requested members extend themselves to cover all board positions.  Sandy reminded people that if Board positions are not covered, we may need to continue as an “email club.”

For Treasurer:    Joe Hill consented to be nominated again for another year.

Secretary:           No volunteers.

Vice President:   No volunteers.

President:           Steve Penczak will consider the nomination.

Nominations ended and will continue at the January meeting.

E. Trademark Renewal: Joe Hill

Our trademark with the state is expiring.  To continue, fee of $5 and 3 specimens of products with our logo must be submitted such as stationary, flyers, business cards.  The trademark renewal is good for another 5 years.

Good of the Order & Adjournment

Phil Dustin (former member) passed away, no arrangements are known at this time.

Various kudos and comments were offered.


Cruiser Coffee is:             Thursday December 20th

JPC Meeting is:                Tuesday January 28th


The meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Candi Wenzon, secretary.