Non-Group, Group Ride to Whitewater, WI, 05/02/2020

Non-Group, Group Ride to Whitewater, WI May 2, 2020

I sent out a message announcing that I was going to lead a Non-Group, Group ride, to Whitewater, WI on Saturday (5/2) from Starks Corner (Rte 47 & 72) leaving at 10:00 AM. I warned that this is a new, untried route that I have not had the opportunity to pre-ride so no guarantees.

At the riders meeting I mentioned that would stop for lunch at a fast food place and eat at our respective bikes. Under the circumstances I structured this ride as an invitational to limit the number of riders and to see how this sort of thing would work out. Eight of us, Frank & Candi, Ken & Sandy, George, Bill L., Mr. Brandt, and I took off precisely at 10:00 am.
As it turned out we experienced a day of gorgeous weather where we enjoyed nice, relaxed ride to Whitewater on my untried route. Two hours later we arrived in Whitewater where we stopped at Jimmy John’s and grabbed lunch. We took our food a mile down the road to one of the university’s closed Art Museums with a fountain area, with benches where we could enjoy our sandwich. We all felt it was wonderful to be able to enjoy group ride again and we really enjoyed being able to see some of our wonderful JPC friends again (even if some hid behind masks, ha, ha).
Submitted by: Steve P.