8/19/2020 Rusty Nail Saloon

On Wednesday, 8/19, seven of us left Stark’s Corners at 10am and headed toward the Rusty Nail in Ringwood for lunch.  Frank led us on a leisurely ride through multiple suburbs, past cornstalks, barns, a large variety of homes, past wild turkeys, over hill and dale (what the heck is a “dale”?) until we arrived at our destination.

The Rusty Nail is known for its very crowded Friday fish fries:  Bill Lindwall advises staying away from visiting on Fridays if you don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder during these Covid times. 

The restaurant’s deck is very roomy with tables far apart.  It overlooks a bicycle path with woods behind it.  We had nothing but sunshine and blue skies and a very efficient server.  The food was excellent but the company even better!!!