Lunch @ Poopy’s, Saturday, 5/30/2020

Saturday, May 30th. The weather forecast looked great, high in the low 70s with only a 10% chance of rain. Perfect weather for a ride to Poopy’s in Savannah for an early lunch. I knew for sure that Poopy’s was open and has been pleading for business. Three of us, Hugh Brandt, George Gauss and yours truly left from Stark’s Corner (Rts. 47 & 72) at 8 AM.

I had a 115 mile route I put together a few years ago in my GPS so I dusted it off and we followed it to Savannah. We came upon a few surprises as in a couple of paved roads that I had ridden a few years ago were now gravel. I know I was on the correct route because I had Way Points along these roads. As always the troops followed with minimum complaint but I did promise to revise the route before I use it again.

As I stated Hugh and George rode with me and we had perfect riding weather. We arrived hungry around 10:45. We sat outside under the canopy, but inside seating was available had we wanted to do so. Poopy’s is quite large so even though there were a lot of people, no one was forced to be seated near anyone else. We had a cocktail (and one of us had a beer) along with a hardy meal and we were on our way by 12:30. Poopy’s was starting to get crowded at this point because the live entertainment, a band, was to begin playing at 1 pm. It was good to be able to sit down and eat out again.

I will mention that on our ride home down Rt. 64 we observed a steady stream of Harley’s heading west, almost all riding 2-up and I’m willing to bet a good portion of those would end up at Poopy’s. It was a 270 mile day for me and I enjoyed every mile of it.

Submitted by: The Editor

Attached is an unsolicited testimonial from Mr. Brandt.

Thanks for organizing yesterdays ride and for the invite. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Gravel and all J and I must admit I’m rather out-of-shape for long distance riding. Pretty stiff today. Still, totally worth all the aches & pains. I got home to an empty house so I grabbed a cold drink and went out on the deck to enjoy the quiet and the sun. And promptly fell asleep. Which is how a good day should end? Thanks to you.
Hugh Brandt.

Lunch Run May 31, 2020

A small group of 8 brave riders sallied forth to penetrate the Cheddar Curtain and all reached our target destination  . The weather  was perfect the secret route was a success and all arrived safe and bug free .  all and all a good ride and a good day 

The LRW April 1st Luncheon Challenge:

And the winners are: Hugh, Frank B, Candi, Cosmo & Bob C

Main Course:  Tail-off shrimp sautéd in
    Lemon garlic butter sauce on a bed of rice, Baby carrots & kiwi
 Featured Drink:  Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing
 Dessert:  Moonpie (10 sec. in m/wave for perfection)
 Ambience:  Positive Energy candle & crystals.
                      Singing bowls in background.
Mac/Cheese, Tots, Corona,Wet ones and hand sanitizer. What more could you need!

Peeps is always room for Peeps.
Hot Dogs, Frito’s,Gary Poupon and of course a Beer. What else would you add? (tots?)
In the “Better Late Than Never” category, Steve’s submission to the LRW April 1st Luncheon Challenge.  Only 25 days past the lunch.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing regular updates as Steve’s ingredients become an actual lunch.

JPC Friday the 13th Lunch.

JPC Friday, April 13th Lunch
We had a really good turn-out of really great people for our First Annual Friday the 13th Lunch. This event was held at the Coach’s Corner Pizzeria & Grill on Biesterfield Road in Elk Grove Village. We had good food, good beer and a lot of great conversation. There were 18 of us present, 14 Cruisers and 4 guests, including our friend-of-the-Club from the Great White North, Cosmo. We will be repeating this event on Friday, November 13th at a new location, so if you missed this one try to make the next one.
Submitted by Steve P.

First LRW of 2020

George Gauss stepped up and arranged for a LRW “Meet & Eat” lunch at the Countryside Saloon in Des Plaines.  George must be a popular guy or he knows all the good restaurants as our lunch group totaled 9 hungry Cruisers.

The saloon, a very relaxed and comfortable place with really cute servers, provided good food and drink while we spent the better part of 2 hours eating and swapping stories.

All-in-all a great way to kick off the new year.  Where we going next DON???

LRW – The Bunker 8/14/19

We had a good ride for our annual Bunker /Spam ride . the weather was a little cloudy but no rain. We did fulfill the mandatory “U-turn, traffic circle, detour, construction gravel and a few farm machines”. All-in all a nice ride. As always the food was good and the JPC. friendship the best.The next ride date is  Wednesday,  August 28 10:00 am /10:30 am Hoffman Est’s McDonald’s. Weather permitting of course. An email notice will be sent to all. Capt C .

No Wake Bar & Grill

On Saturday, June 8th 16 brave and hungry Cruisers took a leisurely ride to a very laid-back, comfortable river bar with a very creative menu. No Wake Bar & Grill in Port Barrington was the destination. Everyone had a great time, food was good and the atmosphere was “Northern Latitude with a Tropical Attitude. Our kind of place.

the 16 brave and hungry Cruisers

05/16/2018 LRW Thirsty Horse Bar & Grill, Bristol, WI

LRW Riders:             The lunch details for this Wednesday

Lunch Host:             Hugh Brandt

Lunch Date:             Wednesday, May 16,

Restaurant:             Thirsty Horse Pub & Grill

                                 12711 Bristol Road (Rt. 45)

                                 Bristol, WI

Phone:                262-891-3080        

Meet Time:             10:00am

 Located in Bristol, WI, The Thirsty Horse is a comfortable, north woods type of tavern with Spotted Cow on tap. That alone should make this a must do ride. Good Friends, Good Food, Good Service and Cold Beer. What more could we ask for.

The ride details:

  • Ride Lead:  HGB

  • Departure Date:  Wednesday, May 16th

  • Departure time:  10:00 am

  • Meeting place: McDonald’s, Hoffman Estates

  • Miles to Destination: +/- 50 miles

  • Arrival Time: Approximately 11:30 pm

  • Return Time: Your option.

  • Weather Outlook: Great, Not even a hint of rain in the forecast.

RSVP’s will be appreciated.

Ride it if you got it,