2017-Overnight to Parke County, Indiana

2017-Overnight to Parke County, Indiana

Wind, showers, dense fog, warm temperatures and sunshine…we had it all on the Fall Overnight. Six of us left on Saturday from Randall’s Pancake House in South Elgin. Rick left Flo with us and headed to Des Plaines to get a new tire to replace the one with a nail in it and planned to meet us in Danville for lunch. We meandered through the back roads towards Danville, fighting the 28 mph headwinds all the way. Although windy, the temperatures were in the 80’s. We were just about finished with lunch at Jocko’s when Rick walked in. Des Plaines did not have the tire he wanted, but they had taken a bike in trade that week with a wheel and tire that was the same, so they took off the wheel and put it on Rick’s bike and he was on his way to meet us. We arrived in Terre Haute just before the rain showers started. Luckily, there was a restaurant within walking distance so we walked across the parking lot in the drizzle, which had stopped by the time we walked back.

Sunday morning we woke to dense fog. One could not see across the parking lot! We delayed our departure for the covered bridges and started out an hour later. It was still foggy, but the visibility was better. By the time we got to the Rockville Visitor’s Center, the fog had lifted and the sun was shining. We did portions of the four different routes. We managed to see or drive through 11 of the 31 covered bridges. Many of the bridges are on gravel roads and therefore not easily accessible by motorcycle. The roads in Parke County are very scenic and curvy but not particularly well maintained. However, this time we did not see any orange painted circles around the potholes like we previously encountered. We were surprised and delighted to find one road that was freshly repaved. Now, they just need to start repaving the other ninety-nine percent of the roads!

If you ever find yourself in Rockville at mealtime, be sure to stop at Benjamin’s. When we stopped for lunch on Sunday, the parking lot was very full. Even without advanced reservations our group was seated without delay. Bill complimented the well-run kitchen as all our food was delivered in a timely mnner and at the same time. The portions were huge! Rick and I had salads that neither of us could even eat half of it.

We arrived back at the motel around 4 p.m. and relaxed until dinner, which turned out to be a good thing. Most of the group decided to walk to the Texas Roadhouse, which was just down the block on the corner. Well, that’s where it was six years ago. That location was closed and they moved to a new building a couple of blocks further down. There’s nothing like working up an appetite! Good thing we had taken the rig, as Steve called “shotgun” for the ride back to the motel.

Luckily on Monday morning, we did not have fog. We took off early to make a breakfast stop in Arthur, IL at Yoder’s Kitchen. Shortly after we crossed into Illinois, the fog set in. It was not as dense as the previous morning and visibility was better as well, but it makes for a long 100 miles. The food at Yoder’s was delicious. One could enjoy the breakfast buffet or order off the menu. Ken ordered a cinnamon roll that was the size of a salad plate and it had icing on top and it was pooled all around it. After a hearty breakfast, we headed in a northerly direction where people starting splitting off when we came to Dwight. Some of us stopped for lunch, but Hugh said he had eaten more in the three days than he had in a month! Good food, good roads, good friends and all kinds of weather conditions…that is what motorcycle touring is all about!

Sandy McCall