2-21-2018 LRW Muggs-N-Manor-Addison

2-21-2018 LRW , Winter Version

Five intrepid individuals braved the bitter cold, howling winds and driving rain to head to the far reaches of the Western Suburbs (Addison?) to indulge in a delicious luncheon meal at Muggs-N-Manor Bar & Grill.

Hugh Brandt, George Gauss, Bob Graeff, Bill Homick and I enjoyed a delicious banquet of broasted chicken dinners and perfectly prepared grilled, ground beast sandwiches served with various sides. These delicacies, as well as brewed concoctions hereafter referred to as ‘beer or ale’ were expertly presented to us by Jodi, a very dedicated “Serving Wench” whose enthusiastic  devotion made sure our needs for condiments did not go unfulfilled and that our goblets did not fall empty.

As always, good food, good friends and good conversation made for a “GREAT TIME.”


Article & photos by: The Editor (Steve P.)

2018 Honda Gold Wing

Saturday, February 3, 2018.
Just returned from Des Plaines Honda where I got to sit on the new Wing. As an observation seat-height feels like it is about 1″ taller than my 2013 and just by sitting on it I can’t tell if it is any lighter than mine. I opened the side cases and they are even smaller than they look from the outside. Dash layout is a lot cleaner looking than mine because there are a lot fewer buttons. GPS screen looked nice and bright and better placed than mine. Also I found the crash-bars. They are under black plastic covers and would only need replacing (the covers, not the bars) if you are rolling when you drop it and scratch them. When questioned they (DPH) told me that they laid it down and just like the previous models no plastic touches and is damaged. Got to hear one run outside and it sounds about the same as mine.

Submitted by the Editor-SLP

1-29-2018 LRW (Winter Auxiliary) The Bunker DMV

Monday, January 29, 2018, 2:35 PM. I just returned from a drive to Waterford Wisconsin. While you were all snug in your beds avoiding this cruel winter weather, Hugh Brandt and I trekked our way North to The Bunker DMZ to sample their Spam Burgers. We did this to make sure that the preparation of this delicious treat remains up to their prior high standards, so that you, our fellow LRW riders, will not be disappointed and depressed if things have changed and you are served a sub-standard sandwich on your next visit.  This is just one example of the lengths we (Hugh & I)will go to so that your expectations of a special and tasty lunch are met.

Submitted by the Editor-SLP

01/01/2018-JACK FROST RUN

January 1, 2018, JPC Jack Frost Run, held at the ThornWood Restaurant in Wood Dale starting at 11 a.m. featuring their full menu and a cash bar.

Attached are photos of some of the Cruisers who came out in the bitter cold to party and converse with their fellow Cruisers at this, the first club function of the year.

The event was hosted this year by Janet and Al who, in addition to hosting the 50/50 drawing and awarding of door prizes also announced that later this year (2018) the Jerseypine Cruisers Motorcycle Touring Clue would be celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

We then observed a moment of silence for our recently departed JPC Co -Founder Gary Cooper and our member Tom Kearney.

Cruisers, as always, remember the past, but the JPC family also looks towards our future. We are also excited about the upcoming  2018 events and to the above

referenced 40th anniversary celebration.

Thanks to all who attended.

Submitted by Mike L.

12/09/2017-JPC Xmas Party


Lu, Bev, Laurie, Bill, George & Steve

Bob, Bill, Jean, Alicja, Dan & Marge.

Lynn, Ken, Joannie, Hugh, Frank & Candi.

The Party was held at the Rose Garden Café in their festive banquet room. Restaurant on Saturday, December 9th. After l called every member, 35 guests attended. The room was beautifully decorated and we had a cash bar, a delicious buffet style dinner, and Chocolate ice cream served with a variety of holiday treats from guests.


Before dinner a moment of silence was observed to honor the memory of our two recently departed JPC members and friends, Tom Kearney and Life Member and Co-Founder Gary Cooper.


Party favors supplied to all who attended were handmade cocoa/coffee stirrers. We enjoyed listening to Christmas music and dancing to the music played by our favorite DJ, Lenny. Raffles were 50/50 cash and 3 Holiday Treat mugs.

Lenny again provided his DJ services and there was good food, good spirits, good company and good times had by all. If you weren’t there you missed a good one!

Special thanks to my Co-Chair Bill Mumford, and all the people that brought the delicious appetizers and desserts, and all that attended the party. We all had a great time. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Jean Mumford-Chairman

Flo, Rick, Lenny, Sandy & Ken.

Rick & Flo; Ken & Sandy; Ken & Lynn; and Joannie & Hugh.

Greg, Rose, Harry, Linda, Trish and Dave.


11/28/2017 Meeting Minutes


November 28, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Chairman of the Board Joe Hill at 7:30 p.m.

Board Members Present:

Joe Hill

Greg Buss

Sandy McCall

Bill Mumford

Bob Wagner

Lynn Vicker

Candi Wenzon

Absent: Greg Buss

Introduction of Hosts: Ken and Lynn Vicker

Introduction of Guests & Associates:

Bill Hominick and Ron Carlo

Additions/Deletions to Agenda:

Add Hoffman Estates winter restaurants


Greg is home recovering from knee replacement surgery.  He is in therapy and plans to attend the Holiday party.  Tom K is in the hospital. At this point, he only wants family at the hospital.

President’s report:

No report

VP Chapter Management Report: Bob Wagner

Meeting & Programs:nothing to report

Editor: desperate plea to send articles and photos for the blog

VP Community Relations Report: Lynn Vicker

2018  calendar is on the table

Tour Director:riding season is done.  Will be asking for mileages in December

 VP Individual Involvement Report: CandiWenzon

Membership (G Barrington)

  1. AMA – Now need 50 paid AMA members to be a social club in the AMA or it costs $50 per year

Motion to pay $50 to the AMA for this year: Lynn Vicker

Second: Bill Mumford

Discussion: there are benefits for us; good marketing tool

Motion:  passed unanimously

  1. Membership – none
  2. Speak Up – none
  3. Birthdays – November birthdays were honored

Unfinished Business:

  1. Event financial reports: Halloween Potluck

Total expenses – $200.05

Total income – $168.00

Loss – $32.05

Motion to accept budget report as presented:  Bob Wagner

Second: Lynn Vicker

Discussion:  none

Motion passed unanimously

  1. Halloween potluck – Party was held at Masonic Lodge in Elmhurst.  Lots of delicious food; 23 people attended.  Prizes were awarded for costumes.

c.Holiday Party –At Rose Garden on December 9thstarting at 5:30 until 9:30-10:00 PM.  Buffet dinner –Grecian chicken and London broil.  The room fee was waived.  There are 34 people signed up to date.

  1. Nominations were opened and closed for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  Bob Wagner accepted the nomination for vice-president.



 50/50 & Door Prizes

On a bike:

50/50:$30 was won by Sunil Hans

Several door prizes were given to various ticket holders.

New Business:

  1. Event budget requests:

Motion was made to accept the Holiday Party budget: Candi Wenzon

Second: Lynn Vicker

Discussion: is tax and gratuity included in?

Motion:  Passed unanimously

  1. Call for vote to accept the amendment to take out awards and recognition director.  Amendment passed.

c.With the new constitution, there was a concern about the budget – new amendment says the Executive Board will “prepare and” present the annual budget.  A petition was presented to the Board with the new language.

  1. Insurance policy will be determined by the Executive Board
  2. Jack Frost – Will be held at the Thornwood on January 1st.
  3. Hoffman Estates – A question was posed by Frank: should we use the same schedule throughout the year so that we are not using Rose Garden over and over again through the entire winter?

Good of the Order & Adjournment

Gary – would like to see the Club go on.  We can put up a booth at Rosemont show for $300.

Jean –send more cards to Tom and Greg

Steve – give back to the club and run for office

Marge – go see the Klairmont Kollection


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy McCall

8/2016-Fried Bologna Overnight Ride to Waldo Ohio

August 8th.

At 8 AM on this date three brave individuals (Steve, George & Hugh) mounted their motorcycles and rode to the Addison Dunkin Donuts on US Route 20 for an overnight ride to beautiful Waldo, Ohio, home of the G & R Tavern and their world famous Fried Balogna sandwiches.

“This is where the magic happens”.

We headed west out of Dunkin Donuts, jumped on Southbound I-355 to pick up Eastbound I-80 which took up to Northbound I- 57 witch we followed to Kankakee where we picked up Southbound IL-1,  that was the beginning of my chosen route.

We stayed on Southbound IL-1 until we picked up IN-28 east, which we rode across the entire state of Indiana. IN-28 was not a special road as it was not a rider’s paradise and it was not graced with miles of twistys and mountains of elevation changes.

In case you forgot why I wrote this story or why we rode here.

It was not an unpleasant road, just flat land with corn-field after corn- Field with a break in the monotony by the many small towns along its route. It did have one thing in its favor in that it took us completely across Indiana without having to use the Interstate. Also, leading George III and Hugh Brandt on a ride is at times like trying to heard cats. So with fewer turns there was less chance of losing either of them.

Left: Keith, George, Steve. Right: Ken, Rhys, George, Hugh.

IN-28 took us to OH-47 which we followed into Sidney, OH where we bunked in for the night at the Comfort Inn. After a couple of adult beverages at the hotel bar Georg, Hugh and I walked across the parking lot to the restaurant for dinner.

After a hearty meal and, I might add, a few more adult beverages, we walked back to the hotel where we headed for the lobby to partake in some more sparking and stimulating conversation.  When we were all talked out (not George, just Hugh and I) we headed off to our rooms for some needed sleep.

August 9th

“The Magic” !

After a satisfactory breakfast we saddled-up rode the final 74 miles on OH-47 into Waldo and our destination the G & R Tavern. OH-47 from Sidney to Waldo turned out to be a rider’s delight. It was beautiful twisty road with lots of elevation changes thrown in for good measure to keep you on your toes.



At 11:30 am local time (EST), four riders from the Detroit area BMW club I belong to rolled into town and joined us for lunch. I myself decided to skip their equally world famous pie and have two balogna sandwich’s while George and Hugh each had one sandwich and split a (rather generous) piece of pie.

The seven of us shared a lot of conversation at the lunch table before we split up and headed for home. Hugh Brandt left us in Waldo so he could ride a few more days on some of Ohio’ s more famous, or should I say infamous roads. George and I headed down US-23 to the Ohio Turnpike and the quick route home.

Only the brave dare enter here.............................

Only the brave dare enter here………………………..

Except for a couple of back-ups on the Indiana toll road, the ride home was quick and uneventful. I pulled into my driveway at 6:30 PM having ridden 350 miles. Our ride to Waldo on the two-lanes netted us 475 unhurried miles.

I hope to attract more riders the next time I lead people to Waldo to enjoy the gourmet food and the “Exotic Scenery” you’ll see on the ride there. Steve.