Clubs, Associations, and General Motorcycle Sites

AMA American Motorcycle Association Official Site
Chicago Motorcycle Guide Chicago Motorcycle Guide - A good place to visit for information on the motorcycle scene in the Chicagoland area.
POSSE The Posse is comprised of the directors and presidents of local, and regional, motorcycle organizations in the Chicagoland area, including the suburbs.
Shadow Riders Shadow Riders Club od St. Louis

Rides & Charaties

Autism Society Autism Society official site- Visit this site to get the latest information.
Chicagoland Toys For Tots Chicago Toys For Tots official site- Visit this site to get the latest information on the "Bikers" Christmas time charity event that is not to be missed.
Ride For Kids Ride For Kids - The official site for the Chicagoland "Ride For Kids" event which supports the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the US.

Travel Related

Crazy Horse Campground Crazy Horse Campground - Camp along the banks of the beautiful Sugar River.
Duck Creek Campground Duck Creek Campground - Family Camping Enjoyment in a Quiet, Friendly Atmosphere
Illinois Department of Transportation IDOT

Cycle Shops

Cycle Craft Cycle Craft Yamaha - Northern Illinois Premier Yamaha Dealership
Des Plaines Honda Des Plaines Honda - A good local area dealer with a nice site. Check out bikes online and get quotes.
Wild Fire HD Wild Fire Harley Davidson - Chicago's Premier Harley-Davidson Dealership

Merchandise & Shopping
Motorcycle Training Programs

Northern Illinois University Motorcyle Training
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Motorcyle Training